Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the purchase of any equipment listed in the offer of BASTA MACHINES s.r.o. Registered office: M.R.Štefánika 69, , 911 01 Trenčín , ID No.: 50794779 and also BASTA INVEST s.r.o. Sedličná 3011, 913 11, Trenčianske Stankovce, as well as all associated companies. 

These terms and conditions shall be deemed to be accepted after the invoice has been issued and shall constitute the entire agreement between the seller and the buyer (you).

These terms and conditions apply to all sales between the seller and the buyer unless otherwise formally stated.

These terms and conditions apply to all sales regardless of whether the seller is acting as the owner of the goods sold or as an agent.


The description of machinery and equipment in all published marketing material (photos, videos, equipment descriptions, specifications, etc.) published on our site is for information only. Although the seller makes every effort to make the given content as accurate as possible, he assumes no responsibility for the published material. By accepting a quotation, the buyer acknowledges that he/she has not relied on any statement, promise or published material about the goods made by the seller. It is the buyer's responsibility to make any research/inspection that he/she deems appropriate and necessary for the purchase of the goods. The description of the goods on the quotation and sales invoice are also indicative only.

The goods are sold "as is" and no warranties are given by the seller in respect thereof. It is the buyer's responsibility to carry out any technical inspection/inspection of the goods prior to purchase and the seller accepts no responsibility either expressed or implied for the condition, specification or technical details of the goods sold. 

The Seller shall not be responsible for the suitability of the goods for any task or whether the goods comply with current or future safety legislation.

The Seller accepts no responsibility for the disposal of oils, wastes or other hazardous substances that may be encountered in the sale of the goods.


VAT will be added to the quotation as appropriate.

In the event that the sale includes a commission to the buyer this will be added to the net sale advertised price and VAT will be added to the total amount.

All sales in the Slovak Republic will be charged at the current VAT rate.

Sales for export outside the Slovak Republic will be zero-rated for VAT and all export documents will be provided to the Seller by the Buyer in a timely manner.

Unless otherwise stated, the price does not include any logistics. In particular not dismantling, freight and transportation. These are the responsibility of the buyer.

Payment is to be made in accordance with the information given in the quotation and/or on the invoice. Failure to comply with the deadlines allows the seller to cancel any sale and the buyer is liable for the costs incurred and/or the reduction in resale value as a result of non-compliance. 

Title will not pass until payment in full has been received and accounted for.

Payment must be made prior to commencement of dismantling. 

Unless otherwise agreed between the buyer and seller payment must be made by bank transfer with the necessary domestic/international account details clearly marked on the sales invoice.

Proof of payment will only be accepted once the full amount of money has been received.

All payments will be made in the currency stated in the quotation and/or invoice. Any bank transaction or currency charges will be borne solely by the purchaser. The Buyer is also responsible for ensuring that the full amount invoiced is paid to the Seller. 

Once payment has been made, no refund or reduction of payment can be claimed unless the Buyer can prove that the Seller has deliberately and materially misled the Buyer in an unlawful manner.


Collection of the goods will take place by agreement with the seller after successful delivery of payment.

Time of collection is of the essence and the Buyer is responsible for any costs and charges incurred by the Seller in the event that the Buyer fails to meet the date(s) in the quotation and/or invoice.

All risks associated with the goods shall pass to the Buyer upon acceptance.

The Buyer shall submit to the Seller, as applicable, all method statements and risk assessments to be approved prior to removal. Seller may, at its sole discretion, insist on amendments where appropriate.

Buyer shall arrange for suitable and competent handling/dismantling/loading of goods if required. 

The Buyer or its authorized representative will have sufficient insurance to cover the Seller against all potential claims and will provide evidence of such cover if required by the Seller.

The Seller may terminate the sale in the event of failure to comply with any of the agreed conditions.

Once the sale has been terminated, the Seller shall have no liability to the Buyer or any third party and the Buyer may dispose of the goods as it sees fit.

After completion of the transaction, the Buyer shall be liable for any costs or diminution in the value of the sale incurred by the Seller.

If the Seller fails to comply with one or more of the agreed conditions of sale under the Contract and/or the sales invoice, or acts in an unlawful manner, any liability to the Seller shall be limited to the value of the sales invoice.