Tool temp TT-PHE 168E/PHE (year 2009) (3x)


ManufacturerTool temp
ModelTT-PHE 168E/PHE
ConditionExcellent condition
Stock Number00595


Model: TT-168E/PHE/TT-168H/PHE or TT-168EA/PHE/TT-168H/A/PHE

Heating Capacity: 12 kW switchable in stages 3/9/12 kW or 18 kW

switchable in stages 6/12/18 kW

Temperature Range: 20°C to 90°C with water. The lowest medium

temperature depends on the temperature of cooling water. This should be at least 10°C lower than the temperature of the medium.

Control: self-optimising microprocessor controller with digital display of set and actual temperatures

Flow Control: Electronic with digital display and automatic control of the minimum flow.

Cooling Capacity: standard heat exchanger 20,000 kcal/h at 90°C. Plate heat exchanger 100,000 kcal/h at 90°C

Pump Capacity pressure mode: max 4.0 bar / max 8.0 bar - max. 75 l/min. /max. 75 l/min.

Vacuum Mode: max 8m H2O (water column)

Unit contents: min 16 litres/max 20 litres

Connections: medium: 3/4" female thread - cooling water: 1" male thread