Krauss Maffei 160-750CX Blue power (year 2023, WARRANTY new machine)



ManufacturerKrauss Maffei
ModelKM160-750CX Blue power (year 2023, WARRANTY new machine)
Stock Number00564


Injection moulding machine KM 160/750 CX blue power

Model: KM 160/750 CX

System controll : MC6

Clamping force: 160 ton

Mould clamping plates HxV: 820x845 mm

Tie bar distance: 520x520mm

Mould opening stroke: 650 mm

Mold installation height, min. - max.: 300

Opening width: 950 mm

Ejector stroke: 150 mm

Injection unit type : SP750

Screw dia: 50mm

L/D ratio: 20,2

Injection pressure: 1892 bar

Injection volume: 393 cm3

Shot weight: 357 g

Injection speed: 90 cm3/s

Pump motor power : 22kW

Anti vibration levelling pads

Blue power - Vario drive, speed variable , energy efficient operation

Electronic coding of plastisizer

Wear resistant plastificizer

  • Pneumatic Valve 1 moving platen
  • Pneumatic Valve 2 moving platen
  • Euromap 18 robot interface
  • Hydraulic core pull system
  • Water battery 6-fold
  • 6 hotrunner control circuids
  • EUROMAP 67

Dimensions: 4,93x1,62x 2,04 m

Weight : 8200 kg

Machine is located in our showroom. Videos, more information on request.

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Hopper loader