HELIOS spot Dryer for granulate type JB WINsystem (Turbo-Jetboxx), 75 L - 7 pieces



Modelspot Dryer for granulate
Stock Number00447


  • For sale: 7 pcs of local granulate dryers made in Germany HELIOS

1. JB WINsystem, year 2008, SN 581T

2. TURBO JETBOXX Economy, year 2006, SN: 554E

3. JB WIN system, year 2008, SN 580T

4. JB WINsystem, year 2008, SN 584T

5. JB WINsystem, year 2007, SN 601T

6. Turbo-Jetboxx, year 2005, SN 489 E

7. Turbo-Jetboxx, year 2005, SN 486 E

(NOTE: Dryers are same - the older system has a name Jetbox and the slightly newer system has has a name Winsystem)

  • Volume: 75 liters
  • Conditional: functional, sold in state as is, now not in production but in stock, where is no compressor. (we do not have video how they work) . At most, it may be necessary to change the suction hose to the needle that pulls the granulate.
  • We have one more additional control unit available

Dryers for connection need:

  • compressed air min. 6 bars and el. 230 V energy

dimensions total height 2200 mm

for transport dimensions: height for transport after dismantling the suction system 1800 mm x width 600 mm x depth 700 mm

weight 80 kg/piece

the control units can be easily dismantled and new ones installed.

description: The local dryer is moved to the machine (it is not centrally located, but can be located anywhere), i.e. it is mobile, or it is attached to the machine directly on the hopper, but it can also be stationary in one place