2015 MicroStep CNC laser cutting center MSF 1501.30 L, FIBER LASER - 2 KW



ModelMSF 1501.30 L
Stock Number00422


  • fiber laser source 2000 W
  • working area 3150 mm x 1600 mm (sheet 3x1.5 m)
  • motohours 16 285 mth
  • time of cutting 4383 mth
  • Lubrication system: automatic
  • Beam guidance: via light cable
  • Extraction: TEKA 4H
  • Weight: 14,689 kg
  • The main dimensions of the machine W x H x D: 4508x2570x10785
  • Source power: 2kW
  • Source: IPG YLS 2000W Ytterbium Laser System
  • For example System 3L+N+PE AC 400/230V, 50Hz
  • Positioning speed: up to 130m/min when moving in the direction of one axis 140m/min when moving in both axes

The maximum cutting capacity of the source with a power of 2kW:

  • Structural steel 15 mm
  • Stainless steel 8 mm
  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys 8 mm
  • Brass 5mm
  • Copper 3 mm

Maximum portal clearance: 90 mm

Energy requirements

  • Nominal voltage 230 V / 50
  • Maximum current consumption 16 A
  • Working pressure of compressed air: 6bar
  • Electrical input of the entire device, including cooling: 20.96 kW


• Automatic lower slag conveyor

• 1x slag drawer

• 8x suction segments under the grate - 4x left side 4x right side

• Pallet table changer 2 tables

• Automatic nozzle cleaning

• Touch LED panel

• Removable cabin segments

• Possibility of burning yokes / pipes in a separate module

• Automatic targeting of sheet rotation

• Adaptive cutting – the head adapts itself to the sheet (e.g. corrugated sheet)

• Remote support

• Stainless steel table grates with a thickness of 3 mm

• protective glass against lens contamination

• camera in the head

• 0-point laser sight

  • Complete technical documentation
  • Software for programming the machine 2x Asper license (after agreement it is possible to buy the Jetcam programming software for the machine)
  • Consumable parts, e.g. (nozzles, head glasses, rings...)

+ option - module for cutting jacks and bars

Dismantling and loading is not in price of machine - agreement plus price