2018 TRUMPF Tru Punch 5000, type S12 Punching machine with sheetmaster



ModelTru Punch 5000, type S12
ConditionExcellent condition
Stock Number00382


  • TruPunch 5000-1600 (S12)
  • big version
  • Motohours  14 502 mth (to date 28.02.2023)
  • still working in production, working untill the end of April, but is possible to buy it before and available from dismantling and loading will be in 05/2023
  • Machine working area X x Y: 3050 x 1550 mm
  • Sheet thickness 8 mm
  • Max. punching force 220 kN
  • Programmable holding force 4.5-20 kN
  • Max workpiece weight 280 kg
  • Max. overflow height for workpieces 35 mm
  • Max. speed axis X 100 m/min, axis Y 60 m/min
  • OS X -/Y simultaneous 116 m/min
  • Sequence of strokes Punching 1350 1/min
  • Sequence of strokes Marking 3000 1/min
  • Sequence of strokes Marking from below 1400 1/min
  • Axis C 500 1/min

  • Max. acceleration

X axis 22 m/s2

Y axis 10 m/s2

C axis 350 1/s2

Axis C Thread forming 500 rad/s2

  • Tools: Linear tray with 21 places for tools with 4 buckles
  • max. number of tools 21-210
  • 360° rotation of all tools
  • tool change time: simple tool approx. 2.8 sec., MultiTool approx. 0.3 sec
  • max. punching diameter 76.2 mm
  • single lift for tools
  • max. punching diameter Standard - MultiCut 200 mm
  • max. 101.6mm shaping circle (size 5 tool)
  • max. forming height 25 mm
  • Programmable slide for parts max. part size Standard 500x500 mm
  • Drive: X/Y/C axis: NC controlled, maintenance-free three-phase servo motors
  • punching head electro-hydraulic drive
  • Control TRUMPF CNC SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 Solutionline
  • Hard disk size 128 GB SSD
  • Color monitor TFT display 19"
  • Network connection RJ 45
  • USB interface
  • Connection pneumatic connection pressure 7+-1 bar
  • Dimensions and weight: space requirement 7600x7000 mm, height 2500 mm
  • Machine weight 17300 kg

no extra features of the machine, just the basic equipment.

  • NO Active Matrice
  • NO Active die
  • yes toolchanger, approx about 19 tools with which the machine can work in the given program.

(As for an external independent "automatic" or "rotary" magazine, we don't have one, and the tools that are not clamped in the machine (in that magazine for 19 tools) are stored outside the machine in shelves.)


max. sheet size 3000x1500 mm

sheet thickness 0.8 to 8 mm

max. workpiece weight 285 kg

min. size of the unloading part 170x170 mm

max. X axis speed 180 m/min; Y axis 35 m/min

drives X and Y - NC controlled, maintenance-free, three-phase servomotors

Tools are sold with the machine, they are included in the price.

There are tools with RTC cartridges at the machine - Werkzeugkassette we have approx 50 pieces

The price of machine does NOT include: disassembly, removal, loading, pallets for loading to trucks, handling equipment, crane, transportation. Will be plus prices for all services for dismantling and loading