2021 LAC KNC/H 1500/65 FURNACE (DRYER)


ModelKNC/H 1500/65
Stock Number00378


Manufacturer: Czech Republic LAC

Condition: NEW, UNUSED furnace. After a year of purchase, it was decided that the company would not use it in technological processes.

Technical parameters:

  • Type: KNC/H 1500/65
  • Maximum temperature: 650 °C
  • Recommended working temperature range: 300°C - 600°C
  • External dimensions approx. (w x h x d): 2800x3200*x2100mm * height including the structure for the door when opening hydraulically
  • Internal dimensions (w x h x d): 1500 x 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Number of heating zones: 1
  • Maximum batch weight: 1000 kg
  • Power consumption 51 kW
  • Heating input: 48 kW
  • Furnace weight: 1900 kg
  • Voltage: 3/PEN 400/230V AC 50 Hz
  • The flap is part of the oven, it serves for automatic temperature regulation in the oven and is controlled by a program from the controller.
  • technical documentation in the Slovak language is included (Passport is no in english lanuguage)
  • protocol from the measurement and optimization of the temperature field to meet the DIN 17052-1 standard ?T10°C in the internal working space (in an empty furnace at Tmax)
  • Rated current 75.5 A

Description: This is an electric furnace, the heating system of which consists of heating resistance elements located near the fan unit. Through the heating branches, the fan ensures the circulation of the atmosphere in the heating space and thus the heating of the working atmosphere and the batch in the furnace.

The working chamber of the furnace is equipped with a separately regulated heating unit in the rear wall of the furnace. The furnace is equipped with a radial circulation fan with a horizontal shaft to ensure even distribution of temperature throughout the working space of the furnace. The circulation fan drives heated air through the circulation channels of the circulation insert. All rotating parts are placed under a cover against accidental contact.

Control of the temperature profile of the device is ensured by the PID programmable controller INDUSTRY. This controller allows the creation of up to 30 heat treatment programs depending on the needs of the processing technology and the properties of the processed batch.

Dimensions in the attachment. The company has a furnace built on demountable feet 500 mm high

In the furnace, we did heat treatment of aluminum alloys (soft annealing and recrystallization annealing).

  • For the furnace, the company made the iron fixture - photo
  • Max. charge weight 1000 kg
  • Floor flatness +-2 mm
  • Floor weight-carrying capacity for the furnacewith charge 1000 kg/m2