CETOS Hostivar type BUA 25/750, NC Cylindrical Grinding Machine, control system Siemens



ManufacturerCETOS Hostivar
ModelBUA 25/750
Stock Number00373


max. grinding diameter 250 mm

max. grinding length 750 mm

NC machine, Siemens (not cnc, but nc)

max. workpiece weight 250 kg

has a fortune - equipment for internal grinding

distance between spikes 750 mm

dimensions L x W x H: 4000 x 2800 x 2200 mm

machine weight 3000 kg

the machine is equipped with an Amest MC-1 measurement

Condition: Excellent

Machine is not working in production since 2011, but under power and turned on once a month by the owner to prevent data loss. The last service of 2019: a preventive inspection by experts took place, the lubrication guide surfaces and oil drains were cleaned, the play of the sliding screws and the over-motion of the motors were checked, the table was uncovered and the lubrication and drain of the used oil were cleaned. they measured the accuracy of the X, Z axis. The accuracy of the Z axis was adjusted. They fine-tuned measurement, calibration.

backup of the system, documentation

accessories according to the photos: covers, bezel, supports, mandrels for internal grinding machines, balancing stand, new grinding bodies...