2013 Wittmann Battenfeld Macro Power E450/2250 Unilog B6



ManufacturerWittmann Battenfeld
ModelMacro Power E450/2250 Unilog B6
Stock Number00338


Control: UNILOG B6

Closing force: 4500 KN

Distance between columns: 950mm x 700mm

Minimum height of mold assembly: 330mm

Maximum height of mold assembly: 780mm

Screw diameter: 65mm

Proper injection pressure: 2070 bar

Maximum injection weight: 980.9 g

ServoElectric injection unit

Servo Packaet S0

ServoPower package S1 (hydraulic pump speed control for increased energy efficiency), integrated filter unit

Injection unit: servo electric (Knodler) with jet actuator, injection speed 400 mm/s (servo injection control significantly reduces electricity costs and supports precise regulation injection process)

Electric ejector with a force of 60 KN and a path of 180mm

Additional equipment:

1. Air valve

2. Cooling water flow regulator

3. Digital interface for the temperature regulator (possibility of controlling six thermoregulators simultaneously)

4. Interface for controlling the needle cutting off the nozzle in the tool

5. Interface for controlling the external hot runner regulator

6. Full integration for the Wittmann W8xx series robot

7. Button for quality control

Language : Polish