RESERVED: 2017 MESSER MultiTherm - 4000 Global Control plus Plasma Cutting machine



ModelMultiTherm - 4000 Global Control plus
Stock Number00337


  • Under power, in production until 19 January 2024, then will be dismantled.
  • Then it will be dismantled into containers. The parts will be properly marked and packed, videos will be available, but the machine will already be stored in containers outside

  • Support with SKEW rotator head for plasma cutting (beveling)
  • Drilling support (with exchange of drills - 5 positions)
  • Extracted table 2500x9000 (max working range 2000x8500)
  • Source Kjellberg HiFocus 440i neo
  • Management console
  • Filter unit - suction
  • + spare parts: complete with source, hoses, burners
  • Motohours: 7000
  • has NO autogen (flame) cutting - the machine has a powerful source of 40 Amps and can be made up to 40 times thick

The list of spare parts, Messer spare parts

  • Cable AMK for axis A 1 pc
  • Main cable set PerCut 451 new 1 pc
  • Main cable set PerCut 451 refurbished 2 pcs
  • Motor + welding pump. Source 1 pc
  • Pneumatic exhaust valves - table 10 pcs
  • Pneumatic pistons for suction table 2 pcs
  • Fan per source 1 pc
  • Cutting oil for drill 1 pc
  • Flow meter for welding source 1 pc
  • Main contactor welding source 1 pc

Condition: However, it is necessary to consider the replacement of common (worn) parts, such as some bearing carriages, suction filters, air ducts and other small things.