Hydraulic test unit for mold control

No longer available


Stock Number00287


Hydraulic mold test station, made to order. No label - custom made in Slovakia.

Year of manufacture 2016. Unused.

The hydraulic test unit designed as a mobile unit on wheels contains:

- supporting frame with handles for manual handling

- 160 L tank with accessories (removable top lid, cleaning lid, suction filter, oil pressure filter, pouring and venting filter, oil level indicator with min. level and max. temperature switch, drain ball valve)

- axial piston regulating pump q=41ccm, pmax=210bar, remote proportional control max. pressure (control electronics in the pressure connector valve)

- electric motor 15 kW/980 rpm

- pump holder with flexible coupling, stand and damping rails (location pumps on the tank lid)

- 2 x 7-section hydraulic block with DN6 clearance valves (2 x base plate, 14 x prop. reducing 3-way valve with control electronics in the connector, 14 x prop. flow valve with control electronics in the connector, 14 x distributor with connectors with light indication of switching on, 14 x hydraulic lock)

- 28 x complete quick coupling (male + female with 15L termination - external thread M22x1.5)

The unit will be delivered completely assembled, tested with technical documentation (operation and maintenance manual, declaration of inclusion). All electrical elements terminated with counter-connectors, or terminal blocks.