Arburg 720 S 3200-2100 Servo (360ton) only 44.000 hours, Arburg retrofit


Model720 S 3200-2100
ConditionExcellent condition
Stock Number00180
Clamping force320 ton
Oppening path700 mm
Platten size1040 x 1040 mm
Screw diameter70 mm
Injection volume1078 cm3
Distance between tie bars720 x 720 mm


Producer: Arburg

Model: 720 S 3200-2100 Servo

Clamping unit 720S

Clamping force: 360 ton (increased by Arburg )

Opening path: 700 mm

Mold installation height: 300-700 mm

Distance between the clamping plates: max. 1000-1400 mm

Mould installation height min: 300 mm

Distance between tie bars: 720 x 720 mm

Platten size: 1040 x 1040 mm

Injection unit 2100

Screw diameter: 70 mm (also optional 60 or 80mm)

Injection volume: 1078 cm3

Shot weight: 984 g/PS (723 or 1407 g/PS)

Refurbish: 08/2022 (mnfg year 2005) / Brand new hydromotor Arburg

Condition like new!

4 core pulls

1 air valve 

1 pneumatic nozzle closure

Positional regulation of screw


Automatic mould adjustment electronical

6 hotrunner mould zones

EUROMAP 67 connectivity for Robot

only 44.000 hours !

Weight: 17.700 kg

Videos from test on request.