Krauss Maffei KM 8000 -5000MC (2003)



ManufacturerKrauss Maffei
ModelKM 8000 -5000MC
Stock Number00089


Model: KM 8000 – 5000MC


Clamping force: 800 ton

Platen size HxV: 1600x1510 mm

DBTB: 1120X1000 mm

Screw dia: 80 mm (possible options 90,100mm screw)

Shot weight: 2058 g/PS (possible options, 2605, 3216 g/PS)

Year : 2003

Number of cores: 4 x

HS channels: 12 x

Water circuits: 6 + 6 + 6

Material used:

Air valve for control Needle? : 1x

Axis robot: XYZ - motor, AC-tires B-digi

Other above-standard equipment of the press-4 x hydraulic cascade

New pump for 15.000 euros in approx 2021 changed / new hoses /new screw and barrel 2 years ago

There is possibility of screw upgrade/ barrel possible upgrade.

Excellent machine.