Arburg 630 S 2500-1300, 275 ton (2001)

No longer available


Model630 S 2500-1300
ConditionRepair required
Stock Number00078
Clamping force275 ton
Screw diameter60 mm


Condition: requires small repairs. Machine was good, but can not be tested, is not under power (was working in working process until 09/2022) the machine was replaced by a new machine and is already moved out, it is covered outside

-There is an oil leak in the ejector compartment (there is defect – that is needed to replace the ejector seal – the owner of machine bought for it - A set of new gaskets is included. But never was done – must do buyer)

-Maybe need to reload the system

-Maybe need to reload tonnage expansion - is industrial flash available

Clamping force: 275 ton (clamp force increased by 10%)

Intrusion function, extension of closing force to 275 tons

Screw 60 mm, highly wear-resistant

Tie bar distance 630x630 mm

Injection unit 1300

open nozzle 60 mm

clamping platen set 630 central, 160 mm centr. dia.

Connection for air blow unit 1

1st core-pull, simult. movem. man. adjust. holding press. incrased by 10%

closing force 110 kN

daylight 900-1300 max. mm

platen size 900x900 mm

injection volum 664 cm3

shot weight 607 max g PS

2 hydraulic core pullers

2 x cavity pressure monitoring, 6 x system controlled hot inlet.

documentation - yes

weight 14000 kg

no robot (euromap 12-67)

free loaded to truck

Machine has only 4000 hours of pump!