MAZAK Megaturn Nexus 900 Turning Vertical Machine


ModelMegaturn Nexus 900
Stock Number00047


MAZAK CNC Vertical Turning Lathe type Megaturn Nexus 900

Condition: good, under power, for sale assap

Sold for replacement with a new machine

Working hours: auto ope: 15413 mth, auto machining: 12996 mth, total machining: 12126 mth, total 31814 machine on. 

Disadvantages: damaged cover plates - in some places the emulsion flows over and flows under the machine. 

Damaged chip conveyor cover plates. The bearing under the chuck shows signs of wear. 

It vibrates at higher speeds - the machine produces with an accuracy of up to 0.04 mm. 

At higher speeds, the so-called orange peel - this is an optical illusion, it has only a slight effect on Ra.

Mazatrol Matrix Nexus 2 CNC control system

Diameter 1000 mm

Max. turning diameter 920 mm

Max. workpiece diameter 790 mm

Max. workpiece weight 3000 kg

Max. tool length 4100 mm

36-inch three-jaw chuck

Power 30 min / continuous 30/22 kW

Torque 3655 Nm

Spindle speed is limited by the size of the D915 chuck (during operation it rotates up to 500 rpm in production)

Weight 14000 kg

The price includes removal and loading

Machine dimensions: depth 3998 x width 2315 x height 3400 mm


O X, Z axis, 12-position turret (CAPTO6 chuck mounted in one position), 

side tool magazine with CAPTO6 chuck - 12 positions, high-pressure pump 60 BAR, 

cutting fluid cooler

Documentation also in English on CD