Ferromatik Milacron Maxima MM 1000-4880 (removable tie bar)



ModelMaxima MM 1000-4880
Stock Number00001
Clamping force1000 ton
Opening force40 ton
Mold opening path1900 mm
Clamping plate distance2000x1605 mm
Ejector force200 kN
Ejector stroke300 mm
Screw diameter90 mm
Injection pressure2300 bar
Injection volume2799 cm3
Shot weight2407 g


Clamping unit

Clamping force: 1000 ton

Opening force: 40 ton

Mold opening path: 1900 mm

Distance between tie bars H x V : 1550 x 1200 mm

Plate size HxV : 2000x1605 mm

Ejector force: 200 kN

Ejector stroke: 300 mm

Daylight between platens max 1.900 mm

Injection unit

Screw diameter: 90 mm

Injection pressure: 2300 bar

Injection volume: 2799 cm3

Shot weight: 2407 g

Control MOSAIC

Equipped with:

Mosaic control

Core pulls 2 + 2 NG10

Removable tie Bar - extra option

Water circuids: 12+12

16 Hotrunner

Apex Robot

we have also other possible options for you with other screw diameters: 100 mm - 2895 g/PS , 110mm - 4800g/PS, 120mm- 6245g/PS

If you wish to quote any of these options please let us know.

Dimensions (long x wide x high) 11.800 x 3.300 x 2.600 mm

Approx weights: clamp 45 ton + injection 12 ton

Only PP material used