Arburg Allrounder 375V 500-100 (vertical moulding machine)



Model375V 500-100 (vertical moulding machine)
ConditionAs good as new
Stock Number00129
Clamping force50 Ton
Opening force max kn/mm40/250
Mould height, fixed /variable min. mm200
Platen daylight fixed/variable max. mm450-550
Weight of movable mould half max kg230
Ejector force/stroke max. kn/mm30/70
Screw dia20 mm
Effective screw lenght l/d25
Injection volume31 cm3
Shot weight29 g /PS
Weight of machine3049 kg


Motohours 24212 and pump  31000

Clamping unit:

Clamping force: 50 Ton

Opening force max KN/mm: 40/250

Mould height, fixed /variable min. Mm: 200

Platen daylight fixed/variable max. Mm: 450-550

Weight of movable mould half max kg: 230

Ejector force/stroke max. kN/mm: 30/70


Injection unit 100

Screw dia : 20 mm

Effective Screw lenght L/D: 25

Injection volume: 31 cm3

Shot weight: 29 g /PS

Weight of machine: 3049 kg


For transport l x w x h 2,7 m x  1,8 m x 2,3 m With certificate from Arburg