Demag Systec 280/630-600 (280 ton) Injection moulding machine


ModelSystec 280/630-600
Stock Number00073
DesignationSystec 280 / 630-600
Clamping force280 tons
Plate size930x930mm
Dimensions between bars630 x630 mm
Maximum opening675mm
Screw diameter50 mm
Injection volume399 cm3
Injection weight363 g
RobotDemag DR831-0203
Material usedPC, ABS
Number of hours pump38959


Brand: Sumitomo Shi Demag

Model: Systec 280 / 630-600

Year of production: 2011

Clamping force: 280 tons

Plate size: 930x930mm

Dimensions between tie bars: 630 x630 mm

Maximum opening: 675mm

Screw diameter: 50 mm

Injection volume: 399 cm3

Injection weight: 363 g

Control: NC5

Robot: (Witmann )Demag DR831-0203

X = 800

Y = 1400

Z = 2500

Year of production: 2011

2 hydraulic core tractors - stationary board

4 cascade pneumatic valves HC

2 + 2 cooling water circuits

Material used: PC, ABS

This machine worked in nr. 1 automotive Supplier for main Brands such as : VW, Skoda, Peuget etc.