Wittmann Tempro Primus C90 Tempering Unit - 23 pieces

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ModelTempro Primus C90
Stock Number00340



Condition: All tempering devices are functional and was tested the flow rates. Was repair the ends on cables.

Made in Austria Wittmann Tempro Primus C90, years of made and type on tempering units:

Serie TP-PRIMUS-C:90

3x piece - year 2006

3x piece - year 2005

1x piece - year 2004

Serie TP-PRIMUS-C90:27

2x piece - year 2007

3x piece - year 2006

Serie MTC: PRIMUS-C90, F27

1x piece 2012

1x piece 2011

Serie TMC: PRIMUS-C90,F27

1x piece - 2011

3x piece 2010

5x piece 2008

For transport 1 piece L 70 cm x W 30 cm, H 70 cm, weight 30 kg (all pieces on 4 pallet)