2002 Vojus Centre Lathe Sotos 630/3000


ModelSotos 630/3000
Stock Number00239


Maximum distance between spikes: 3,000 mm

Maximum distance from the center: 330 mm

Machining diameter above the bed: ø 630 mm

Machining diameter above support: ø 440 mm

Spindle drilling: ø 100 mm

Revolver head with eight tools.

Spindle speed: 0 - 2,500 rpm

X-axis displacement: 330 mm

Y-axis displacement: 3,000 mm

Spindle motor: 18.5 kW

Maximum workpiece weight: 1,800 kg

Machine dimensions (LxWxH): 5,100 x 1,970 x 1,725 ​​mm

Machine weight: 5,800 kg

Condition: Softwer – lost parameters – needs service

the machine was standing for a long time and it definitely needs a software service - it lost some data and we don't have a backup