Krauss Maffei KM150-520 C2+ Injection moulding machine



ManufacturerKrauss Maffei
Model150-520 C2+
Stock Number00002
Clamping force150
Tie bar clearence500 x 500
Mould platen size (HxV)780 x 790
Screw diameter45
Injection volume217 cm3
Shot capacity198
Injection pressure2377


Clamping unit:

Type:  KM150-520 C2+

Clamping force: 150 tons

Clamping plate (h x h): 780 mm x 790 mm

Distance between columns (h x h): 500 mm x 500 mm

Mold abrasion, max.: 600 mm

Tool height, minimum: 400 mm

Max. plate spacing: 1000 mm

Injection unit:

Screw diameter: 45 mm

Injection pressure: 2377 bar

Injection volume: 217 ccm

Shot weight: 198 g

Injection speed: 377 ccm / s

Screw speed: 356 1 / min

Plasticizing current, max.: 28 g / s

Nozzle pressure force: 84 kN

Electro-hydraulic equipment

Rated power input of the pump motor: 22 kW

Installed heating power: 13 kW

Oil filling: 345 ltr.

1x core puller

1x pneu valve

24x hotrunner zones

Euromap 12

Machine has Accumullators

71000 motohours of pump